I Charge What I Want Workbook

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This workbook was created for entrepreneurs who struggle with pricing their products and services. Often times as businesss owners we undervalue our work and do not charge what we are worth. We either second guess ourselves or let fear creep in and relinguish our better judgement to charge a certain price. We hear “no one will pay me that much money” “what I do is not worth that much money” or “I can’t charge that for this service because no one else is charging that much”. Our confidence is depleted and we get discourage and blurt out some low ball number that does even help us reach our sales goals, all for the sake of being safe or affordable. Not anymore, we are charging what we are worth starting today. In the workbook you will find the 7 steps to create a fail proof system for pricing your products and services. The pricing workflow process includes seven simple steps. Each step is explained, including its importance in the pricing decision. Following each discussion is either a worksheet or questions related to the step for you to complete. 
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