Create Sparks: A Bossed Up Financial Planner to Maximize Your Income

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The Create Sparks: A Bossed Up Financial Planner to Maximize Your Income is a curated financial planner that helps eliminate your financial worry and become the boss of your money. It’s the only of its kind! This financial planner shows you how to become the best possible version of you, financially! It is designed to help you solve your misconceptions about money. It is an in-you-face planner to help you reduce spending, increase income, and make your money do what you want it to do. The planner helps you stay focus on your top financial priorities.

This financial planner comes with:

  • Monthly inspirational quotes and affirmations to attract wealth, prosperity, and abundance. 
  • Un-dated Monthly calendar-view
  • Un-dated Weekly calendar-view
  • Un-dated monthly and weekly-views for optimum use at any time during the year
  • Record keeping pages for important numbers and documents
  • Monthly budgeting tools to help tell your money where to go
  • Monthly expense tools to help you reduce your spending and maximize your income
  • Pay off debt faster by keeping track of balances and payments and becoming the ultimate debt destroyer
  • Financial vision and gratitude journal
  • And so much more...
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