Businesses Just Wanna Have Funds: Financing And Business Credit

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Do you lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to find funds for your business? 

Maybe you:

- Want a business loan but have no idea if you qualify or how to start the process

- Want to rent or buy a storefront but don't have enough cash flow to get it

- Desire to get more inventory but don't have the funds to get the products you need

- Have been denied for a business loan because your business plan doesn't "fit" the bank's standards

- Want to explore private investor or crowdfunding options, so business loans don't have to be an option

I have the answers!!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Learn about special financing options and position yourself to receive funds for your business.

This webinar will provide a roadmap for preparing a financing application and will review various financing products available to you as an borrower.

Participants will get practical tips and information on:

Specifically what underwriters are looking for

Debt-financing, equity-financing, and other unique financing products

Writing a business plan and what’s really important in it

Establishing business credit, creating your DUNS, and getting business credit 

No soliciting or MLMs offered. Only for informational proposes. 

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