Affirmation Candle

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Handmade with love and care

Crafted for Wealth, Prosperity, and Abundance

100% soy 8 oz. candle with 2 wicks, combining the scents of cedar wood, patchouli, and lemon in an original signature scent to light and speak wealth, prosperity, and abundance over your life and finances.

Printed Affimation to read aloud when lit and can be used in combination with the 12 affirmations used in the Create Sparks Financial Planner. 

Positive affirmation spoken into the world come back to our reality. bringing everything ever desired! 

Affirmation states:

I give thanks that I am rich and prosperous in every way. 

Money flows abundantly in my life for which I am very grateful. 

My abundance makes everyone better off. 

I embrace abundance and abundance embraces me. 

Money is my friend and ally. 

I am aligned with the energy of money. 

I relax into wealth consciousness.

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