99 Problems and My Business Finances Is One

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If you always 'Yes', to any of these questions, this ONLINE TRAINING is for you:

Are you frustrated with getting your business finances organized?
Don't know if you are wasting money on products and services for your business?
Have no clue where money is being spent in your business?
Does tax time scare you and ultimately get on your last nerves?
Are you scared of that you may be audited by the IRS because you have no record of business transactions?
Does you business not have a budget?
Are you mixing personal and business expenses in the same bank accounts?

In this ONLINE TRAINING you will learn:
How to set up, manage, and use Quickbooks Online
How to read and understand key financial statements
How to interpret your finances to understand what your business is telling you about your business
How to always be prepared for April 15
How to analyze your business spending and reconcile your monthly transactions
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